Inventive Marketing

Strategy & Insights

Connections between brands and the people who buy them start with a keen insight. What makes the customer tick? What makes them choose your brand on any given day? What brings them back? And what compels them to tell their friends about it? We begin every project by uncovering that insight. 

Local Store Marketing

LSM is about being in the field, understanding the market, and connecting the brand with the right partners or events that enhance the brand and, of importance, fit the budget. 

Partnerships & Licensing

Not only have we been fortunate enough to work with every major movie studio and TV network, as well as high profile consumer brands, but they actually come to us to ensure their brand is represented and executed flawlessly.

Brand ID &
Brand Voice

We’ve crafted dozens and dozens of Brand Manifestos, Style Guides and Tool Kits. Clients trust us because we understand that maintaining the integrity of the brand is critical. And that starts with articulating a clear vision and easy to understand guidelines.

Strategic Promotions

We create unique promotions that are designed to not only drive sales, but to reflect and strengthen the brand’s values.

Social Media & Mobile

No longer a “nice to have,” inventive ways to use social media and create mobile apps are now key to connecting customers with brands. 


Inventive Creative & Products

Campaign Ideas

We create bold messaging – the right words, and the right images – in a fresh, inventive and engaging way. We are known for developing irresistible promotions that make people act immediately, and come back for more.

Products People Want

We have been nicknamed "The Swag with Style" company. We know our clients’ customers so we offer what they want, not what everybody else sells. After all, does the world really need another stress ball?

Experienced Production

At last check, our creative team was responsible for generating over 1 Billion premiums worldwide. 

Product Invention

We have fun creating unique and innovative consumer products often seen throughout the toy industry.

Online Stores

Brand reinforcement separates industry leaders from the rest. We created the first online brand store for a major QSR. Supported through in-store and social media efforts, the merchandise we created for them allows customers to connect on a deeper level, and very publicly express their brand affinity.