What was the problem?


Insect Lore gained success as an outdoor bug-collecting toy company. However, in much of the country, playing outside during many months of the year is prohibitive. This inherently limited Insect Lore’s growth potential. 


What was our inventive solution?


To overcome seasonal and geographic challenges, we needed to find a way to bring the fun indoors. But we also knew that playing with real bugs is what made Insect Lore so unique, and that using fake bugs would definitely not be interesting or unique enough. To find the answer, we decided to talk to some real experts – so we hung out with a group of Boy Scouts to learn what some of their favorite activities were. Their overwhelming favorite? Camping! From this insight, we developed the Campfire Kids product line, which allowed kids to turn their bedrooms into realistic campgrounds.


Did it work?

The Campfire Kids line is a success, with 18 active SKUs today!