What was the problem?


Let’s face it – kids can get bored with toys pretty easily. But parents want toys that not only keep their kids occupied, but ones that also stimulate their imaginations. So our client, Delta Creative, turned to ByGeorge! to find a unique offering that would appeal to kids and parents alike.


What was our inventive solution?


We started by asking questions nobody had ever asked, such as What does the color blue sound Like? If the Mona Lisa was a song, what would it sound like? Forming new connections between two different kid-favorite art forms – coloring and music – inspired the invention of the MusiColor disc player. MusiColor gives kids the fun and rewarding experience of coloring a picture and then seeing and hearing it turned into music. 


Did it work?

MusiColor was so well received, that in 2011 it was nominated for a TOTY Award at New York Toy Fair. It’s also the Winner of an Academics’ Choice “Brain Toy” award.