What was the problem?


Kid’s Meal sales at Del Taco had been flat for some time, and more and more franchisees were opting out of offering the toys as part of a kid’s meal purchase.


What was our inventive solution?


We knew that to get Del Taco customers and owners excited, we needed to create a promotion that would be of interest to kids and adults alike, and that would allow Del Taco corporate and franchisees to engage with fans not only in store, but via social media as well. So we met with the top movie studios to find the perfect entertainment property, which turned out to be Sony Pictures’ movie “Goosebumps.” This highly anticipated movie based on the popular kids’ book series had a built-in audience clamoring for anything related to the movie, making it the ideal promotional vehicle to drive Del Taco kid’s meal sales.


Did it work?

Yes it did! Launched two weeks in advance of the October 16 Goosebumps theatrical release, the promotion had the highest sell-through rate YTD. It’s no wonder Corporate and Franchise owners have been begging for more!