What was the problem?


Burger King wanted to run a regional promotion, with as many as 30 Latin American countries participating. To complicate matters, both Coke and Pepsi were each sponsoring some, but not all, of the countries. In the past, local agencies created the supporting POP, however too often the looks deviated too drastically from guidelines, with no way to ensure compliance.


What was our inventive solution?


Burger King asked ByGeorge! to create a Tool Kit for all of the possible POP components the stores could utilize. We created 24 elements, in three languages and with three sets of sponsors. We hosted all 216 unique POP pieces and sent passwords to the countries for those that were appropriate for their regions only, so local printers could execute.


Did it work?

You betcha! The promotion exceeded expectations in terms of sales, all while saving Burger King tens of thousands in dollars in creative costs, shipping POP pieces and approvals.